master Fleet[6]

Course features

  • Dates: 07/10/2019 - 25/10/2019
  • Frequency: 5 days a week
  • Duration: 3 weeks
  • Language: Italian
  • Cost: 2.000 VAT INCLUDED
  • Available seats: 25 max


Age of 28 or less; knowledge of English, motivation and passion


Editoriale Domus - Quattroruote
Via G. Mazzocchi, 1/3
20089 Rozzano (MI)

Vairano di Vidigulfo (PV)

Tel: 02/82472669

A Master diploma course for recent graduates on the management, sale or assistance of company motor vehicle fleets. For the world of manufacturers, hirers and fleet managers.

The Automobile Fleet Master diploma boosts knowledge acquired in university studies with specific training of the highest level addressing all aspects of the automobile world and how to act in any situation that may arise when working with company automobile fleets.

Unique and valuable training thanks to the expertise of Quattroruote journalists and key figures in the motoring world, with targeted lessons by actual car-fleet managers, long-term hire experts and managers of large and small car pools, assisted by representatives of the legislative sector with longstanding experience.

The Master Diploma in Automobile Fleets comprises lessons in the field at the Vairano Testing Centre for hands-on verification of how a car works and all the latest on-board systems.

The Master


The numbers say it all – as does the Europe-wide sales trend: the automobile market is recording a growing presence of so-called fleets: company cars.

This is an extremely complex and intricate universe, often lacking a professional figure able to exploit all the opportunities.

There is a need for a new generation of young graduates who can supplement their university studies with specific knowhow across three different sectors: the manufacturing world, which must sell its automobiles; the hirers’ world, who must rent them out; and the galaxy of customers who provide their employees with cars.

There is a need for people who can hit the ground running, young graduates familiar with and trained in the automobile world, its new technologies and social media.

Well-trained professionals are required, expert operators able to confidently navigate the labyrinth of a top company’s operations.

The Quattroruote Academy is proposing the second edition of the Master Diploma in Automobile Fleets to meet this very demand.

This highly specialised course – unique in Italy – trains to the highest levels a new class of “up-to-speed” operators, ready to join the work world, not requiring long induction periods and guaranteed to have all-round training.

This course is for 30 recent graduates under 28 years old who are keen to enter the automobile world and focus specifically on Company Fleets, with multimedia skills and knowledge that is otherwise impossible to gain.
All the selected candidates will avail of financial concessions allowing attendance without a fee.
The selection process is based on the following:

Results of previous studies: the marks obtained in the degrees listed in the application are taken into account.
CV: the selection process comprises an overall assessment of the candidate’s professional profile, as stated in the CV and cover letter.
• Good knowledge and use of Word, Excel and Power Point.
Admission test: the interview is an individual one, held in Italian and focuses on several assessment areas. Telephone and Skype guidance interviews with AED educational coordinators are also possible.
The course is held five days a week with an average commitment of seven hours per day, for a total of 15 days. The approximately 100 teaching hours in the classroom and on the track run from 7 to 25 October 2019.
A teaching staff of excellence will comprise Quattroruote journalists and key figures in the motoring world, with actual car-fleet managers, long-term hire experts and managers of large and small car pools, assisted by representatives of the legislative sector with longstanding experience.These lecturers will explain the techniques and tools of a fast-evolving profession. Frequent input by national and international professionals from the automobile world is also envisaged.
Classroom lessons with first-class experts offer a chance to engage with the industry’s top professionals from the marketing management of leading automobile companies and the network of Quattroruote journalists. Practical lessons on the track supervised by Quattroruote test drivers allow students to discover the secrets and experience all the features of the automobile first-hand. There will also be workshops on the digital world, social media and digital marketing. Completing the lessons will be numerous high-profile interventions supplementing the course with experiences, international and non-, to increase the students’ cultural knowledge. Regular tests and exercises will verify the acquired skills.
All the Master diploma students will receive private credentials to access their own area; this allows them to use all the teaching material (not to be circulated in any way or via any media as per signed undertaking) made available during the lessons. The selected candidates will also receive a one-year’s digital subscription to the Quattroruote magazine.
Students can use their own electronic media and the company’s Internet connection in the classroom.
At the end of the course, every student who has attended at least 80% of the lessons and passed the regular tests will receive a Master Diploma.
At the end of the course, each student’s CV will be sent to the HR departments of all the automobile companies in Italy for potential Communications internships.
The AED’s rules on scholarships for Master diploma courses for the most promising young candidates.
Every year, the AED offers some students a chance to obtain exemption from/reductions in the fee, based on specific merit and/or income criteria. The scholarships and other forms of financial support will be awarded – at the discretion of a special commission – to the most deserving candidates who have specifically applied for them.

Merit Requisites* – Concessions are available for AED students meeting certain merit requisites in the following cases:

- students enrolled in the first year of a Specialisation Degree Course are exempt from paying the Master diploma tuition fee if they obtained their bachelor’s degree in the minimum period or less of the degree course’s legal duration and with a mark of 100/100.

Income Requisites* - There are also concessions for Quattroruote Academy students meeting certain income requisites. Students may obtain total exemption or a reduction in the cost the Master diploma course tuition fee on the basis of financial indicators such as ISEE (up to € 23,000) and ISPE (up to € 50,000).

*Students must meet the merit and income requisites for each concession.

Documents to be produced for a reduced fee or full exemption

- Tax returns, completed in all parts: "Mod. 730" (including any supplementary RM and RT pages and RW form); or "Unico PF Persone Fisiche" (including any IRAP, IVA, P&SS). “Mod. CU" completed in all parts.

Exemptions for disabled students – Disabled students with a confirmed disability score of at least 66% and those certified as disabled under Law 104/92, regardless of their financial/merit status, are always exempt from paying the AED Master diploma course tuition fee.

Exemptions for students with parents receiving a disability pension – Students whose parents receive a disability pension are exempted by giving the Academy office self-certification regarding their status, which the Commission will check. An application for a scholarship, exemption from or reductions in the AED Master diploma course tuition fee must be presented with the candidate’s application or sent to the following address:

An application for financial concessions for the AED Master diploma course tuition fee must be presented with the candidate’s application or sent to the following address:


The study plan comprises six study paths

Everything that happens in a Fleet office, depending on the work sphere (manufacturer, hirer, client) explained step by step by those working in them at the top levels

All aspects of the automobile universe (history, technology, market, economics, politics and geopolitics)

The multimedia world, its opportunities and how best to approach the social world and its complexities/opportunities

Track activities at the Quattroruote Testing Centre, learning the on-board features of today’s cars, how they behave and what is on the horizon.

  • Electronics govern automobiles. Active safety part 1: ABS, TCT and ESP; Active safety part 2: automatic braking, ACC (Volvo and Mercedes), lane-departure warning, blind-spot detection, fatigue detection; Active safety part 3: night vision, self-driving.
  • Safety first and foremost but driving is such a joy! Handling: suspensions and tyres – front/rear traction – 4-wheel drive - handling and electronics (from runabouts to supercars).
  • Focus on ecology. Stepping into a new motoring world. Consumptions and pollution: Petrol and diesel - GPL and methane – hybrids and plug-in hybrids – electric cars – hydrogen.

Encounters with international guests and big national players to hear their experiences and learn how to rise to the top levels of the profession

Practical work in groups and individually. Lessons on how to face a microphone or video-camera. The basics of how to behave in a company or at a work interview