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Course features

  • Dates: 22/09/2020 - 13/11/2020
  • Frequency: 4 days a week
  • Duration: 12 days
  • Language: Italian
  • Cost: 1.800 + VAT
  • Available seats: 25 max


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A Master Diploma Course for future Automotive After Sales Managers – role and requirements

The Master Diploma in Automotive After Sales boosts knowledge gained in previous studies and any initial experience in after-sales distribution with targeted and specific high-level training. As well as being directed at the automobile world, it will teach you to respond successfully to any situation that may arise in After Sales Management.

This unique and valuable course centres on the expertise of Quattroruote journalists and of prominent figures in the automobile world, with specialist lessons by the heads of major distribution company departments.


The Master

The after-sales sector has been among the best performing in Italy in recent years. The leading players in this fascinating and often unfamiliar world require trained operators to prolong and consolidate the successful trend. It is an extremely complex universe that can be hard to navigate for those lacking the expertise required to exploit all the available opportunities.

There is a demand for a fresh influx of young people to join the automotive companies, bringing with them a modern global vision as well as solid bases on which to build. There are many and ever more interlinked takers for those with the Master Diploma in Automotive After Sales: the manufacturing world, which is increasingly focusing on repairs and services for drivers; the independent distributors, who need ever more specialised professionals; the components and equipment manufacturers, with links to both automobile and independent production; and the new protagonist of the mobility world – the rental sector, which will need operators able to make informed choices.

They all require access to operators who can hit the ground running, young people with a good knowledge of the automobile world and first-rate training who can rationalise the complex dynamics of the sector and are familiar with its key roles. They want well-trained professionals, knowledgeable in the area they will be dealing with and who can navigate freely through all the meanderings of a top-level company.

For 2020 and in collaboration with Quattroruote, AED is proposing the second Master Diploma Course in Automotive After Sales to meet this very demand. It is a highly specialised course, unique in Italy, that will train a new expert class of “ready to go” operators who will be immediately available to the work world without having to undergo lengthy apprenticeships, and with guaranteed all-round training.

This course is for young people eager to enter the automobile world already trained for roles in the After Sales Market
The selection process is based on the following:

CV: the selection process comprises an overall assessment of the candidate’s professional profile, as stated in the CV.

• Good knowledge and use of Word, Excel and Power Point.

Motivation and passion 
The course is held four days a week with an average commitment of seven hours per day, for a total of 12 days. The approximately 100 teaching hours in the classroom run from 22th September to 13th Novembre 2020.
A teaching staff of excellence will comprise Quattroruote journalists and key figures in the motoring world and specialist lessons by the heads of major distribution company departments. These lecturers will explain the techniques and tools of a fast-evolving profession. Frequent input by national and international professionals from the automobile world is also envisaged.
Classroom lessons with first-class experts, workshops on the digital world and social media. Completing the lessons will be numerous high-profile interventions supplementing the course with experiences, international and non-, to increase the students’ cultural knowledge. Regular exercises will verify the acquired skills.
All the Master diploma students will receive private credentials to access their own area; this allows them to use all the teaching material (not to be circulated in any way or via any media as per signed undertaking) made available during the lessons. 
Students can use their own electronic media and the company’s Internet connection in the classroom.
At the end of the course, every student who has attended at least 80% of the lessons and passed the regular tests will receive a Master Diploma.
At the end of the course, each student’s CV will be sent to the HR departments of all the companies, partner of the course. 


The study plan comprises six study paths

The evolution of the automobile

Supply chain: car houses and the independent market

The spare parts distribution

The component suppliers vision.

Marketing automotive: winning strategies and digital transormation

Standards and business process