Accademia Editoriale Domus is a natural evolution of the Quattroruote Academy which started out in 2014 with a Master Diploma for Automotive Press Officers. In the space of three years, its national and international courses have multiplied with growing success, responding to the needs of an automobile industry keen to employ young graduates with a vertical and in-depth knowledge of the job awaiting them.

Editoriale Domus, the Quattroruote publisher, produces other motoring magazines as well as highly prestigious publications spanning diverse fields: Domus for architecture and design; Il Cucchiaio d’Argento for food; Meridiani and Meridiani Montagne for travel – all outside the motoring sphere and with very different professional experiences but also in need of educational opportunities on a par with the experience of the Quattroruote Academy.

Under the umbrella group of the Editoriale Domus Academy, all the product areas can develop highly attractive educational projects, consistently aimed at placing young people in prestigious positions. The great strength of our Master Diploma courses is that they bring in the top people in each sector to lecture so that it is possible to establish a direct link in the classroom between those keen to join a profession and those who can employ them in their companies. On average, every multi-week course will involve 70/80 professors-operators from the highest levels, including general managers, CEOs and presidents of leading companies in the sector. As well as the more traditional Master diploma courses, there is now also a consolidated Meet the Masters format: clinics held in English where key global players in a specific field (design, technology, architecture etc.) pass their state-of-the-art knowhow on to the fortunate students present, many from other countries. The bonus is that all the companies employing students from our Academy stress the provenance of new employees in their releases because coming through our school has become a guarantee.